Bronnen en aanvullende literatuur

  • InterRAI CAP’s Gebruikershandboek:
    • SIGN (pdf): Scottish Incontinence Guidelines Network Management of Urinary Incontinence in Primary Care
    • NAFC, National Association for Continence 1-800-BLADDER, 1-800-252-3337
    • National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence, NICE, Guideline 50, Urinary Incontinence, National Collaborating Center for Acute Care, London England, 2007
    • Urinary Incontinence, Clinical Practice Guideline, AMDA, 2005
    • National Institute of Health, including the AGE Page
    • European Association of Urology publications
    • Urinary incontinence is no longer just your grandmother’s concern, APTA, 2005
    • Balmforth J.R., Mantle J., Bidmead J., Cardozo L. A prospective observational trial of pelvic floor muscle training for female stress urinary incontinence. BJU Int. 2006 Oct; 98(4):811-7.

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