Release Notes: TEST environment

Release date: 31/05/2011 v2.0


  • BLRX-299 - PrintPDF css location bug
  • BLRX-331 - Print instrument Header in french (layout issue due to longer French text)
  • BLRX-338 - Conflicting measurementmoment refs for one question
  • BLRX-348 - E4a: Duplicate "3" value in HP, not in dropdown values

New Feature

  • BLRX-343 - RUGS LTCF implementation, first implementeation on individual level
  • BLRX-344 - Allow history tabs to choose which tab is opened, instead of default showing participaters and 'open all'


  • BLRX-317 - implement Depression scale AC
  • BLRX-318 - problemlist AC without Medicationlist and Diagnosis. First version for content testing
  • BLRX-319 - Adaptations codes CAP and scales
  • BLRX-326 - Change logout link ehealth
  • BLRX-349 - Rounding ALL BMI calculations to 1 digit after comma, irregularity in SAS algo
  • BLRX-356 - Change 'ziektebeelden' answers to radiobutton instead of dropdown for all related instruments
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