Release Notes: TEST environment

Release date: 30/11/2010 v1.1


  • BLRX-21 - Limit the length (size attrib) of all textboxes on not-instrument related pages
  • BLRX-26 - User profile: List of individual patient access emtpy -> message says "this <b>group</b> has no caregivers"
  • BLRX-55 - Take over history responsible only
  • BLRX-129 - Stalestate exception on deleteAnswers while section save
  • BLRX-130 - Verify and adapt JSPs which build up the history table
  • BLRX-79 - CAP and Scale PAIN added and changed in AC
  • BLRX-83 - Encoding problems in French and Dutch solved (question-marks in texts instead of special characters)
  • BLRX-95 - The displayed text while saving an assessment isn't always correct, the content is changed.
  • BLRX-112 - Answers from responsibles are in some situations placed in history tab instead of direct answer (AC)
  • BLRX-118 - Missing statisticbundle caused deployment error because of not being part of the build automatically
  • BLRX-119 - In some cases the access settings for group statistics where wrong
  • BLRX-120 - With statistics sometime the line diagram was displayed incorrect
  • BLRX-121 - Session problem with statistics is solved, sometime a statistic was displayed even though there is not enough data available to show one.
  • BLRX-123 - View answers from responsible and overtake (AC)
  • BLRX-127 - Double answers in database was prevented by security mechanism - no error
  • BLRX-131 - Datepattern altered in for internal algorithm usage
  • BLRX-133 - Can take over history answer when i only have access withouth participating
  • BLRX-135 - Performance improvement for ResultSaverTest program to fill up result database from scratch
  • BLRX-136 - In HC IADL take responsibility problems: same as issue 130, checked for all instruments
  • BLRX-138 - Missing results in German/ french due to eHealth problems (Checked with German representative).
  • BLRX-144 - Some answer values are changed due to changes in AC instrument
  • BLRX-145 - Missing wiki link
  • BLRX-150 - Error when creating new users
  • BLRX-159 - Crash in calculate healthprofile nurse with HC
  • BLRX-160 - Caps AC intake crashes on invalid input string ""


  • BLRX-86 - Add Wiki link in edit clientprofile RRN
  • BLRX-93 - Date format changed to hh:mm 24h on request
  • BLRX-96 - Changed message in group wizard, step 4 safety counselor
  • BLRX-98 - Changed way of writing WHO-QoL-8
  • BLRX-103 - Help page altered to direct links to WIKI
  • BLRX-111 - Column width on all details pages is set to 50% of the page
  • BLRX-117 - DRS scales had incorrect texts
  • BLRX-122 - Checked if all algorithms use CPS2 instead of CPS
  • BLRX-149 - Removed brackets (with numbers) for items ADL and IADL
  • BLRX-24 - In Section N overtaking answers was unclear because the question IDs where shown (name, frequentie,...)
  • BLRX-29 - In statistics basic layout is improved based on longer French texts

New Feature

  • BLRX-107 - All clients where one user has access to (eg. all clients of one doctor) are still visible without searching through the user details page.
  • BLRX-143 - Removed CAPS at premorbide


  • BLRX-146 - Automatic algorithm tester: DTD creation
  • BLRX-126 - Some German texts were missing in DB, latest texts are merged back with latest known correct backup
  • BLRX-139 - All possible answers for items that are used for scales/caps in the AC XML definition are compared with the algorithm checks (from SAS/SPSS interRAI)
  • BLRX-140 - Caps/scale algorithms altered according meeting (AC)
  • BLRX-141 - Adapt texts for AC CAPS and Scales (according document)
  • BLRX-148 - Healthprofile adaptations for AC (full check is for next iteration)
  • BLRX-158 - Base check for results and algorithms

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