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* BLRX-184 - Responsible and creationDate is not shown on user details page

* BLRX-192 - Verify that it is impossible to create clients without responsible or remove all responsibles for a client

* BLRX-205 - Print pdf error in French and Dutch medical healthprofile due to missing textfields

* BLRX-206 - When 2 firefox browsers share one session, hibernate crashes while downloading


* BLRX-9 - Changed the default name of the file name when printing or downloading pdf to a readable name * BLRX-89 - Change text logout page

* BLRX-142 - Check Wiki links AC

* BLRX-175 - Color difference on statistics are not always clear enough so the colors are more spreaded in the color spectrum


* BLRX-186 - French translations

* BLRX-201 - Belrai Wiki FR was offline due to possible invalid content on site.

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