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[{Image src = 'ResultsFlowcharts/Stroomschema resultaat algemeen.png'}]
[{Image src = 'ResultsFlowcharts/Organigramme resultats.png'}]
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!!![Stroomschema resultaat CAP|Stroomschema resultaat CAP.pdf]
!!![Organigramme résultat pour un CAP|Organigramme resultat CAP.pdf]
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[{Image src = 'ResultsFlowcharts/Stroomschema resultaat CAP.png'}]
[{Image src = 'ResultsFlowcharts/Organigramme resultat CAP.png'}]
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!!![Stroomschema resultaat zorgschaal|Stroomschema resultaat zorgschaal.pdf]
!!![Organigramme résultat pour une échelle de soins|Organigramme resultat echelle de soins.pdf]
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[{Image src = 'ResultsFlowcharts/Stroomschema resultaat zorgschaal.png'}]
[{Image src = 'ResultsFlowcharts/Organigramme resultat echelle de soins.png'}]
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