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!! Sources et littérature complémentaire
*Manuel de l’utilisateur du GAD InterRAI :
**Berg, K., Hines, M., Allen, S.M. (2002). Wheelchair users at home: Few home modifications and many injurious falls. American Journal of Public Health, 92: 48.
**Gitlin, L.N., Winter, L., Dennis, M.P., Corcoran, M., Schinfeld, S., Hauck, W.W. (2006). A randomized trial of a multicomponent home intervention to reduce functional difficulties in older adults. Journal of the American Geriatric Association, May 54(5):809-16.
**Misset, B., De Jonghe, B., Bastuji-Garin, S., Gattolliat, O., Boughrara, E., Annane, D, Hausfater, P., Garrouste-Orgeas, M., Carlet, J. (2006). Mortality of patients with heatstroke admitted to intensive care units during the 2003 heat wave in France: a national multiple-center risk-factor study. Critical Care Medicine, Apr 34(4):1087-92.
**Bemmel, T. van, Vandenbroucke, J.P., Westendorp, R.G., Gussekloo, J. (2005). In an observational study elderly patients had an increased risk of falling due to home hazards. Journal of Clinical Epidemiology, Jan 58(1):63-7.
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